Hi! I’m Beth

I’m a Social Media Manager, based in Manchester, working with people from all over the world.

Even in my spare time, I am constantly on Instagram!

I post Business & Lifestyle related images and I love to share the very natural ups and downs of my day to day life! 


As well as Social Media Tips & Tricks, I like to help build the confidence of others online as I believe that is a huge part of Social Media.

I wanted to do something creative that took me away from my laptop screen, but still provided me with value.

Running my own shop has given me the skills to help others with their online businesses.

My hair is also my pride and joy! After years of dyeing and bleaching, I thought it was about time I start to take care of it properly, which is why I created some non-damaging scrunchies to keep my hair healthy.

I'd love for you to stick around - I'm always happy to create products just for you!